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Swedish network trains journalists on migration

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Stockholm, 11.02.2020, 11:57 Uhr
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Stockholm [ENA] The Swedish news platform The Local invites Europe-based experienced journalists as well as journalists with limited experience of migration reporting to join a free training on covering migration topics. Funded by the European Union the project aims to expand the narrative on immigration and highlight stories of people who have migrated and the communities they have joined. Deadline for applications is March 31.

The Local, based in Stockholm, says its journalists have developed a curriculum for applying the techniques of solutions journalism to migration reporting as part of an EU-wide project MAX (Maximizing Migrants' Contributions to Society). The training will be carried out in face-to-face and online sessions throughout 2020, depending on successful candidates' location and availability. According to the organizers’ website their blend of daily news, business and features has made The Local the largest English-language news network in Europe with five million readers every month.

Topics will cover the state of reporting on migration in Europe today, practice guidelines, an introduction to solutions journalism, how to write a solutions-focused migration story and how to maximize your work’s impact and engagement. While the final deadline is March 31, the organizers recommend applying as early as possible. The training includes discussion of the state of reporting on migration in Europe today, and basic best practice guidelines; an introduction to Solutions Journalism, how to find and write solutions-focused migration stories and how to maximize the participants’ work impact and engagement.

The Local Europe AB will get back to applicants within four weeks after submission of their interest and career details. James Savage who formerly headed the European editorial team is The Local’s chief executive officer. Originally from Lincolnshire, England, he moved to Sweden in 2003 where he met Paul Rapacioli and started The Local. Rapacioli, originally from London, moved to Sweden in 2003. Apart from its headquarters in Stockholm The Local maintains representations in Germany, Denmark, Spain, France and Switzerland. Financial resources include advertising revenue and proceeds from newsletters sent to the 14,000 strong community of paying members. Central goal of The Local is explaining Sweden to its readers.

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